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Playing in Harmony: Ages 8-15 Intermediate Group Piano Lessons July 1, 2023

Playing in Harmony is an intermediate group piano class offered by Grosse Pointe Music Academy for students who are looking to develop their piano skills in a collaborative environment. This class is designed to help students learn to play music as a group, building their skills in harmony, melody, and rhythm.

Throughout the course of this class, students will learn to play songs together and develop their skills in playing with other musicians. The class will focus on developing students' technique and music theory skills, as well as teaching them how to listen to and collaborate with others.

The class will be taught by experienced instructors who specialize in working with intermediate-level students. The instructors will use a variety of teaching methods, including individual instruction, group instruction, and self-paced learning, to help students develop their skills.

By the end of the course, students will have enhanced their piano skills, built their confidence as a musician, and made new friends in the process. They will be able to play music in harmony with others, and have a deeper understanding of how to collaborate with other musicians.

At Grosse Pointe Music Academy, we are committed to providing high-quality piano instruction in a supportive and collaborative environment. If you are an intermediate-level pianist looking to develop your skills in playing with others, consider signing up for Playing in Harmony and start your journey towards becoming a proficient pianist.

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$189 July 1, 2023